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Sunday services at 10.45am


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Hamilton Old Parish Church
Church Office, Parish Halls
Leechlee Road
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Tel: 01698 281905
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Hamilton Old Parish Church

Sunday 14 October 2018

Trinity 21


Introit - “As water to the thirsty”

22  493  594

533  355

Anthem - “Make this Church a welcome place” - Raney


Psalm 24 (pg 549 GNB & pg 412 NEB)
Mark 6:14-29 (pg 53 GNB & pg 761 NEB)


Louis Munn


Sunday 21 October 2018

Trinity 22


Introit - “Lord I want to be a Christian” - Barnard

55  15  483

724  123

Anthem - “Speak O Lord” - Townend


Job 38:1-7 (pg 399 NEB & pg 532 GNB)
Mark 10:35-45 (pg 767 NEB & pg 61 GNB)


Muriel Eadie


Recording of Services
Please note worship is being recorded in audio and video formats, then  uploaded to our website, Facebook page, YouTube channel and to create DVDs for distribution to the housebound.  If you wish to be away from the view of cameras, please sit upstairs or in the rear of the transepts.  Thank you.

A very warm welcome to Rev Norman McKee who is leading us in worship this morning (Suday 14 October).

Christmas Shoebox Appeal
My huge thanks to you all!  As of last Sunday morning 197 of our 200 pre decorated boxes had flown off the shelves.  However if you’ve been unlucky enough not to secure one of the last three remaining boxes we shall be equally delighted to receive a box or boxes decorated by your own fair hands.  Just please remember to pick up the all important leaflets which are still available at the doors.  Someone remarked on Sunday ‘For Goodness sake, Christmas already’ and I know it might seem a bit early but this year the dedication of our boxes will take place here in the church on ‘Shoebox Sunday’ which is on the 4th of November to enable us to be ready for the start of their long journey to some very needy children on the 6th.  Thanks again for your wonderful support.

Bible Reading Challenge
Our Bible Reading Challenge continues this week as we move onto Ezekiel chapters 1-7 and to chapters 8-13 for next week.

Bible Study
There is no Bible Study this coming week however it will recommence the following week, Tuesday 23 October at 10.00am in the Creche and Thursday 25 October at 8.00pm in the Manse.

The Office is closed until 9.00am on Tuesday 23 October.  Urgent intimations only please for Sunday 21 October which should be passed directly to Louis Munn, Session Clerk.

Change to the syllabus on 17 October - Jim Hughes.  New speaker Malcolm McIntyre who will speak on Crossreach and one of the new projects ‘Join the Dots’.  Everyone welcome.

Property Committee
The Property Committee next meets on Wednesday 17 October at 7.00pm in the Halls.

Yes it’s that time again! Any articles to be included in the next issue of Tidings should can be passed to the Office any time from now but no later than midday on Friday 19 October.  Thank you!

Monday Club
All are welcome to our next meeting on Monday 22nd October at 1.30pm when our speaker is Graham Steven for Glasgow City Mission.

Bible Sunday
Sunday 28 October is Bible Sunday when there will be a retiral offering for the Scottish Bible Society.  On this Sunday we will also be welcoming Robert Meikle, our Missionary Partner.

Saturday 3 November
If Strictly Saturday is not for you, why not make a trip to Perth Theatre to experience What a Wonder-Full World? – a Grasping the Nettle event in association with Perth Presbytery.  It’s claimed that 90% of Scots can be in Perth within 90 minutes! But even if you can’t manage along personally, please share the event details with any friends/family/colleagues who live in Perth or surrounding areas!  Music: Tenors Unlimited from London; and Hilary Brooks with her first class ensemble of Scottish musicians and singers.   Guest Speakers: Dr Neil Ritchie (expert on the human body); and Dr Tillmann Vierkant (expert on the human mind and brain).  Dramatic Vignettes performed by: The Comrie Drama Club (aka The Tayside Players).  Also featuring: excerpts from The God Question series woven into the story of the evening about the wonder of life and the big questions.  Cost: £13.50 and £10 (including £1.50 booking fee).  Tickets from: Perth Theatre, Mill Street, Perth / Box Office 01738 621031 or www.horsecross.co.uk.  Or if you would like help with a booking, please contact Karen Rollins (Choir).

Bereavement Service
On Sunday 4 November at 3.00pm there is a Bereavement Service in the Church to which all will be made very welcome and especially those bereaved in the last few years.