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Hamilton Old Parish Church
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Hamilton Old Parish Church

Sunday 20 September 2020

Trinity 16

“Do this in remembrance of me”

Hymn 306 - O Come all ye Faithful


Luke 16:1-13

Anthem - "For all my Days" - Besig

Hymn - He's got the Whole World

Hymn 153 - Great is thy Faithfulness


There may be no public worship in the church buildings of the town

including here at the Old Parish on Sunday

but that doesn't mean there is no worship.

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Yes believe it or not as we enter September it’s now time for us to start to think about making preliminary arrangements for our annual participation in Samaritan Purse’s Christmas Shoebox Appeal.

Covid 19 has had a dramatic effect on our everyday lives since early March and it looks like there will be no return to ‘the way things were’ in the near future.  Consequently the way we conduct our Shoebox Appeal this year will have to change to accommodate current restrictions.  In consultation with the Minister and Session Clerk it has been decided that the logistics of buying, assembling, distributing, collecting, dedicating and dispatching boxes would be too problematic to attempt and that the Appeal in its previous form will not take place this year.

However that does not mean that you will not be able to fill and send off your very own shoebox.  Samaritan’s Purse now has an online process which you can find at:-


where, for a modest donation of £20 you can fill your very own shoebox from a whole host of suitable stock items held by them for boys and girls.  You can choose your gifts and even include a personal message in your box and a photo if you wish before it is sent on its way to a very deserving child this Christmas.  Louis and I have already filled our box and it was very easy and quite personal and we recorded it as having been sent on behalf of Hamilton Old Parish Church.

So this year that’s exactly what we’re asking you to do to ensure that we at ‘The Old’ continue to support all those children all over the world who would otherwise receive nothing at Christmas.  If you wish please also let the office know when you arrange to send your box to give us an idea of the response from our church.  I’ll be happy to advise you of our progress and remind you of how to prepare your shoebox online over the coming weeks.

Our dedicated shoppers, Nancy and Nanette currently hold some surplus cash and items from last year, which they’ll be delighted to fill some boxes with next year when things should be back to normal.

In the meantime thank you and may God bless you for your continued support.




The Coming of the Messiah

Drama Kirk’s online bible studies continue with a new series this autumn; looking at the Messianic prophecies as we prepare our hearts for Christmas.

In the first study, we will focus on the prophecies of Isaiah, seeking to consider three questions together:-

  1. Who was Isaiah?
  2. What did he prophesy about the coming of the Messiah?
  3. What hope did he leave for God’s people, then and now?

The evening will provide you with the opportunity to draw closer to bible characters through performed monologues and filmed scenes. You can see Isaiah being called to ministry by Almighty God himself; and how he responded. We will then look at his messianic prophecies from the perspective of a couple of New Testament characters, hearing their reflections on passages of Isaiah centuries later.

Included in the performances is a dramatization of the Suffering Servant passage, which we can explore from the perspective of modern day people.

Finally, you will see a message of hope from our heavenly host, pictured.

You can join the study live on Tuesday 29th September at 7pm on www.youtube.com/HamiltonOld where there will be opportunity to chat online and reflect on what we share together.

Further studies will follow as we journey with the prophets towards Christmas and the coming of Christ.



Grasping the Nettle have a couple of upcoming online events - "Exploring the God Question: A Public Forum" and "Through a Glass Darkly: Journeys Through Science, Faith and Doubt".

For further information email office@graspingthenettle.org or via facebook www.facebook.com/graspingthenettle